Picks are due before the 1st Tee Time on Thursday Morning


Each participant is given $1,000,000 in salary money to spend on a team of 5 golfers.  All of the golfers in the field will be assigned a salary.  The combined salaries of the 5 golfers selected cannot exceed $1,000,000.


Each golfer earns points based on the “Points” section below.  Bonus points are awarded for the leader after each round, the lowest round of the tournament, and where each player finishes.


After the 1st tie in Master’s Pool history in 2008 there are now 2 tiebreakers.  The 1st tiebreaker is each participant’s prediction for the Master’s Champion’s final round score.  If there is still a tie, the 2nd tiebreaker will defer to the team with the lower combined salary of the teams that are tied.  In the event there is still a tie, all participants that are tied will split the prize.


The entry is 25 per team.  There is no limit to the number of teams you can submit.  Payments can be made on the Payment page.  All entries that have not been paid for by the 1st tee time on Thursday will be thrown out.  There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  There is also the infamous ”Martha Burk Award”.  A bonus will be given to the worst team after the conclusion of the tournament.

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Pick(s) due before 1st Tee Time Thursday Morning

Stat Points
Birdie 1
Eagle 3
Hole In One 5
Double Eagle 10
Bogey -1
Double Bogey -3
Other -5
Missed Cut -10
Best Round* 5
1st Round Leader 5
2nd Round Leader 5
3rd Round Leader 5
Tournament Winner 50
2nd Place 25
3rd Place 20
4th Place 19
5th Place 18
6th Place 17
7th Place 16
8th Place 15
9th Place 14
10th Place 13
11th Place 12
12th Place 11
13th Place 10
14th Place 9
15th Place 8
16th Place 7
17th Place 6
18th Place 5
19th Place 4
20th Place 3
21st – 25th Place 2
26th – 30th Place 1